The Rescue Horses

The horses enrolled in the training program are sourced from non-profit rescues (mustangs, race horses, etc.) as well as from individuals trying to make a difference for horses who may not otherwise be given a chance. Many of these horses have minimal to no training, and in many cases have been the victims of neglect and abuse. These types of rescue horses need your help! They are in need of a consistent and thoughtful training program. 

We chose to work with rescue horses for the Training Program because Chezz has found that riders tend to be more open to giving rescue horses extra time to process information. This extra time greatly improves the training process for everyone involved. Program fees subsidize each horse's enrollment, making it easier for rescues, and owners, to access training.

All horses enrolled are assessed by Chezz ahead of time to ensure the safety of the riders and the horse. Each student is assigned one horse for the duration of their stay with all equipment and tack provided. There are however other, non-rescue, training horses at Rafter P, and these may be made available as required.


Here are some of our current enrollees:

Age: 9 years
Breed: Paso Fino
Rescued from: Kill Pen

Lance has trust issues and while he can be caught and handled to some extent, he is fearful of people. One of his previous owners has been found and has said that he has had some training in the past. 

He is also terrified of injections and has to be sedated for the vet.

Age: 6-10 years
Breed: Paso Fino
Rescued from: Kill Pen

Sadly, we do not know much about Romeo, beyond the fact that he is mildly aggressive and has no confidence in people. He has attached himself to Lance with whom he shared a pen while awaiting sale for slaughter, and masks his insecurities through aggressive and dominant behaviours.