More than Training 

Rafter P's Rescue Horse Training Program offers so much more than training instruction. As you progress with your horse you will have opportunities to show off both your own and your horse's hard work. It's a great way to show others how adoptable and wonderful rescue horses can be. Competitions in Western sports such as Ranch Sorting will be available. English Competitions will be an option in the form of Jumping and Dressage, with everything from schooling shows to A-rated shows in the area. We will help you prepare for any and all events that you would be interested in participating in during your stay, and can provide additional support after you leave.


Ranch Sorting is a Western-style equestrian sport that evolved from the common ranch practice of separating cattle into pens for doctoring or transport. Numbers are assigned to all the cattle and the announcer calls out several of the numbers. Your job is to "cut" or sort out the correctly numbered cattle and drive them to the pen while keeping the remaining cattle back. Teamwork is the key, with riders working in harmony with each other and their horses to be successful.


In a Trail Challenge participants navigate their horse through a series of obstacles ranging from crossing bridges and water, opening gates and more creative challenges such as traveling through hanging straps and carrying and dragging tarps. It requires true trust between horse and rider.

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Horse shows

Central Florida is a prime location for both Western and English-style horse shows. They range from very low-key schooling shows all the way up to A-rated Jumping and Dressage.