Dates and Fees

The Rescue Horse Training Program runs on a rolling basis throughout the year. Training courses are available from one to twelve weeks. Fees are discounted the longer a participants commits.

A twelve-week course is recommended for those that want to progress a horse from the basics to advanced maneuvers. Program fees help support the horses enrollment, meaning that your money not only pays for your training, it also helps support the cost of having the horses in the training program. This is a particularly important aspect of the Rescue Horse Training Program and is something that Chezz and Nicole are very passionate about.

12 weeks and over : $650/week

5 to 11 weeks: $700/week

1 to 4 weeks: $750/week

Non-Residential Rate: $500/week

Fees include all lessons, accommodation, a weekly yoga lesson taught by Nicole, as well as transport to and from Orlando International or Sanford airports (Saturdays between 9am and 9pm).

In addition, various activities will be available each week, including opportunities to be involved in Rafter P clinics and lessons, and trips to local attractions, including the beautiful Florida beaches. There are numerous car rentals in the area; particpants have access to parking and can take excursions as they please. Geneva is located a short drive from Orlando and there are many theme parks and attractions nearby.



We currently have availability throughout summer and autumn 2017, with sessions beginning every Saturday. Please use the link below to register your interest.