Below is an outline of a typical Program day. Days are always subject to change based on what is best for the group and the horses. There may be days where it's better to rest the horses or the riders, in which case there are other activities available - such as group discussions, leather crafting, visiting local barns and riders, exploring local attractions, or (if Chezz has his way) getting ice-cream. This is your Program and it's important that your voice be heard.


8.15am: meet at the barn and check on all animals (e.g. water, feed, health)
8.45am: meet in Lesson Room and discuss plan for the day, go over any questions from the previous day
9:00am: catch horses, pre-ride grooming, (e.g. brush, inspect teeth and hooves)
10:00am: morning training - generally skill development
12:00pm: lunch break including a discussion of the morning and afternoon sessions
1:00pm: afternoon training - skill work and application (e.g. games, trails), including a closing discussion
3.30pm: unsaddle, groom and turnout horses, afternoon chores
4.30pm: free time for the remainder of the afternoon and evening

Except for checking on the health of your assigned horse and ensuring he or she has food and water during your stay, there are no mandatory activities at Rafter P. You are encouraged to participate in everything in order to get the most out of your time and progress your horse, but you can take free time as required and watch rather than participate in some, or all, daily activities. Chezz believes this is important, an approach unique to Rafter P, as horse training is hard physical and mental work. The comfort and safety of you, the students, and the horses is the most important consideration at Rafter P. But don't take our word for it, read some of our previous participants testimonials here.



We hope all participants will be willing to share their experiences on social media to help get their rescue horse adopted and promote the rescue organizations involved. 

If, after your stay, you would like to be a Rafter P Ambassador, please let us know and we will give you the information and a thank you gift.