The horses in greatest need often get the least help. Chezz Perlini would like to change that. To that end, he created Rafter P's Rescue Horse Training Program. In many case the greatest obstacle to placing a horse in a forever home is a lack of training and gentling. There are many wonderful horses that would make fantastic riding horses and companions, but all too often they don’t get a chance because of the financial and time constraints of training. This leads to many horses remaining in a rescue environment for long periods of time - sometimes forever - limiting how many horses a rescue can help. The Rescue Training Program brings together riders who want to develop better horsemanship skills with the horses who need it most, all the while keeping the cost to you, the rescue owners, low. 

The cost to the rescues is kept minimal in order to help support the fantastic work that you do. The Program participants subsidize each horse’s training through their tuition fees with only the cost price of quality feed and basic care, including dentistry and hoof care, charged. The charge per horse, per month is $425 with horses required to be enrolled for a minimum of three months in order to maximize the benefit to the horses.

Located in a gated equestrian community in Geneva, Florida the Ranch is on 35 acres; facilities include 20 acres of pasture, a round pen, large pens with cover, a riding arena, a 12-stall barn converted to accommodate a tack room, a feed room, and a workshop. Horses will also be worked and trained at Everleaf Equestrian Center which has beautiful facilities, including additional stalls, covered arena and pastures.


If you are a rescue organization or the owner of a rescue horse, we would love to speak with you about enrolling your horses today!

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